First Images of PS3-Ultra Slim Reportedly Leaked, Possible 16GB Version Coming

July 13, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Sony have never been the best at keeping secrets, so it comes as no surprise that images of a rumored slimmer PS3 have found their way online.

The possible slimmer PS3 was originally rumored due to an FCC listing for a new version of the console. Now, Anatel – the Brazilian equivalent of the FCC – has put up some images of the CECH-4000 family of PS3 hardware, according to Tecnoblog:

The design seems to have some kind of ridge-like surface, and what looks like an open-able disc drive. There are two USB ports and the usual Ethernet, HDMI, and power connector ports. According to a document found with the filing, the new PS3 will be sold as three different variations, with different storage sizes. There will be a 250GB version, a 500GB version and, surprisingly a 16GB model. It’s always possible Sony made a typo and meant 160GB, but a 16GB version would be an interesting move, presumably to keep costs low and compete with the Xbox 360 S 4GB.

Presumably, all variations of the new PS3 will be cheaper than the current model, so the real question is by how much. Would you be interested in the slimmer model? Share your thoughts in the comments below.