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Latest Developer Doc Explores the Final Stages of Dishonored

As Arkane Studios is now in the final stages of preparing Dishonored’s launch, a new developer documentary gives us a look at the “End Game” of the development process.

The open-world gameplay and emphasis on player choice required a lot of dedication and commitment from the team to bring it all together into a single unified experience. With the fully fleshed out world of Dunwall is complete, all that’s left has been to refine and tweak the experience to make sure it is just right.

The hybrid of themes and gameplay mechanics makes this one of the most unique titles of the year. Arkane set out to achieve perfection and is under the belief that they’ve come quite close to it. We’ll know soon enough whether or not it lives up to such lofty goals in just a few weeks’ time.

Dishonored is set to launch for the PC, Xbox 360 and PC on October 9th.