New Dishonored Developer Doc Details Player Immersion

We’re just weeks away from the launch of Dishonored, and anticipation for Arkane Studio’s upcoming title is at an all time high amongst the staff here at PlayStation LifeStyle.

While the “go anywhere, do anything” approach to gameplay is incredibly intriguing, what has me hooked on the game more than anything else is the deep, fleshed out world of Dunwall that the dev team has worked so hard to create.

As such, it should hardly come as a surprise to see that the second part of the Dishonored developer video documentary centers around player immersion and the game world they have created. From its London inspired setting to the careful detailing every character model, each piece of the Dishonored universe has been carefully crafted for a specific purpose.

If Dishonored manages to deliver the compelling experience that we’ve only just tasted at a handful of preview events, this title could very well be the sleeper hit of 2012.

Look for Dishonored in stores on October 9th.