Dishonored Devs Respond as Photo of Capitol Rioter With Tattoo From the Series Makes Rounds

The shocking and embarrassing events that took place in the United States late last week need no introduction. Arkane Studios, the maker of Dishonored video games, somehow found itself roped into the disaster after one of the rioters was pictured with a tattoo on his hand that some claimed was a “Communist” symbol while others claimed was some kind of “Antifa” symbol. It’s neither. It’s the Mark of the Outsider from the Dishonored series.

capitol rioters tattoo

“This hurts my heart,” tweeted Dishonored writer Anna Megill while director Harvey Smith responded to a now-deleted tweet from a Trump supporter claiming that the tattoo was political. “I assure you, it’s not,” he wrote as the internet continues to debate about the tattoo.

Elsewhere, Capcom distanced itself from comments made by Devil May Cry and Street Fighter voice actor Reuben Langdon, who took to Twitter to criticize “censorship” after outgoing president Donald Trump was banned from social media and some of his tweets from the official POTUS account were removed. Reuben accused the media of having double standards.

“The views expressed by Langdon do not reflect those of Capcom,” a spokesperson told Video Games Chronicle as Langdon provided the following statement to the website:

The storming of the capital was a disgrace to the USA. In no way do I or have I ever supported their behavior or any which incites violence or damage to property. Those responsible will be held accountable by law. This is about freedom of speech. And the hypocrisy of the media.

[Source: VGC]

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