Third Dishonored Developer Video Hits the Web, Details Player Choice

The more I see of Dishonored, the more difficult the wait for its release becomes. In part three of Arkane’s developer documentary series for the game, the studio delves into the Dishonored’s most impressive feature, player choice.

In Dishonored, there are many different ways to tackle any given task, some in fact that the developers hadn’t even dreamed up when developing the game. The world of Dunwall is your playground and the various skills and powers you possess allow you to creatively approach whatever situation you may find yourself in.

The beauty that comes from so much freedom lies in the fact that everyone’s experience will not only be completely unique but something that is personal and truly their own. Check out the video below for more on player choice in Dishonored.

Dishonored is set to release on October 9th for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check back at that time for PlayStation LifeStyle’s full written review.