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New Deathloop Video Details Multiplayer, Arkane Says PvP Isn’t Built With Competitive Play in Mind

Arkane Studios has released a new 25-minute video that offers an in-depth look at Deathloop‘s multiplayer for the first time. The video was released as part of Arkane’s QuakeCon 2021 panel, and features developer commentary explaining the rationale behind Deathloop‘s player-versus-player component. Without further ado, check out the video below.

In Deathloop, players can invade other players’ campaign as antagonist Julianna, whose sole purpose is to take down Colt. Both assassins have skills and abilities that make them a perfect match for each other, but Arkane has said that Deathloop‘s PvP isn’t designed for competitive play. According to game director Dinga Bakaba, it’s more of an “anecdote generator” where players find themselves in unique and interesting situations that they feel compelled to share with their friends.

“What drove us to add [PvP] to the game was not the competitive aspect of it really, that’s why there’s no leaderboard, nothing like that, it was really the fact that it is an anecdote generator,” Babaka explained. “Two elements of chaos in a simulated world definitely creates some interesting moments, those moments of ‘I really didn’t plan for it to go that way but that was so awesome,’ and you will hit record on your PS5 and save that clip and then send it to the other player in case they didn’t save it and maybe add them as a friend. It’s nice to be surprised by a game. What players can add to the mix, be it something very random, very chaotic – on the contrary, something that is a perfectly executed plan where you will think ‘Oh that other person is a mastermind.'”

Deathloop will release on September 14th.

[Source: IGN]