Avalanche Aiming to be the Best Open World Dev, Teases Just Cause 3 for Next-Gen

Developer Avalanche Studios, the team behind the Just Cause series, has made it clear they plan to be the best in the open world business. In an interview with Eurogamer, studio head Christofer Sundberg noted that it’s a very competitive genre, but he feels confident that his team at Avalanche can deliver.

We are set on becoming the best open world developer. That’s our ultimate goal. It’s a very competitive genre. Rockstar is more of a phenomenon than a competitor. What we can offer to the genre is diversity, which very few other open world developers can.

Sundberg went on to speak to the next-generation of gaming, hinting at the possibility of a new Just Cause game that takes advantage of better hardware, saying that the franchise is “absolutely perfect for next generation consoles based on what we know so far.”

What do you think? Does Avalanche have the developing chops to take on studios like Rockstar and Volition? Let us know in the comments below.