Starbreeze Reveals Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Coming to PSN Spring 2013

Developer Starbreeze has just pulled back the curtain on their latest project, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. We’ve known that the studio has been working on a new title for quite some time, but have been left in the dark as to what it could possibly be.

The game is being published by 505 Games and developed alongside filmmaker Josef Fares. Brothers tells the story of two sons who must embark on a journey to find a cure for their dying father. Fares explained the basic premise of the game, saying:

When I first visualised Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons I knew I wanted to combine the deep, engrossing storyline of a film with the physical experience of a video game, allowing players to emotionally connect with the characters as they trek across sweeping, interactive environments such as peaceful vistas, foreboding forests and dangerous mountainsides.

The game is set to launch on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Steam this coming spring.