Get a PlayStation Credit Card, Get a Year’s Worth of PS+, $50 on PSN

We covered the PlayStation Credit Card when it was announced last year, pointing out how the APR was well above the standard rate for a card. Now, however, the Capital One card might be a little more tempting – if you sign up for one you get a 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus and a $50 PlayStation Network code (if you already have PS+ it adds on to your subscription).

As before, the US-only card has a points system:

  • 10x points on ALL PlayStation Network purchases
  • 3x points on ALL PlayStation and Sony purchases at Sony stores and
  • 3x points at quick service restaurants, movie theaters and on your mobile phone bill
  • 1x points on all other purchases

You can apply for a card here, although be sure to think twice if you already have a bunch of credit cards.