XCOM Designer Tries to Sell Random People XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Firaxis games has an uphill battle in marketing their unique new title XCOM Enemy Unknown to even dedicated and informed gamers – that’s why lead designer Jake Solomon trying to sell his studio’s new love child to everyday casual consumers is next to impossible, so he chooses to have some tongue in cheek self parodying fun with it instead.

The video below contains tons of humorous banter ranging from Solomon trying to say that XCOM actually costs $120, but he’s willing to sell it for $60 to calling himself “super handsome” unbeknownst to those he’s talking to.

Are you planning to “level up in life” by grabbing XCOM: Enemy Unknown when it launches October 9th? Or will you fall in with the majority and let XCOM pass by you unnoticed? Look out for PlayStation LifeStyle’s review, early next week.