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Daily Reaction: 50th Anniversary Special – Animals, Stories, Love

Well as you probably have seen today, you are not getting a normal Daily Reaction from the super sexy duo of Seb and Dan. Instead, we celebrate Daily Reaction reaching its 50th article. That means we have done 50 amazingly interesting and thought provoking pieces (ok some might not be as provoking). Well regardless of that, we just wanted to show our love and appreciation to you, our readers and friends.

So, to start this off, how about a very special mini-cast of Bad Gamers, just to bring you some words directly from our face holes? Not to mention we also announce the winners of our special Daily Reaction giveaway, so make sure to tune in.

But wait, there’s more. Much more! So much, in fact, we’ve had to split it up into several pages, all of which are worthy of a read or two. First, how about a little Daily Reaction: Sony Ads Suck?

Darn: In light of the recent events regarding the situation at LightBox Interactive, and the inability for Sony to actually sell a well regarded AAA title, a question is raised. What must be going wrong when a talented developer has to cut staff, and a game that should sell well, performs incredibly underwhelming? The problem is the same thing that has been haunting Sony since before the PS3 was released – Sony simply cannot advertise correctly. As other companies are spending millions to billions of dollars, Sony simply tries to cut corners and create buzz by seeking more obscure methods, and not just advertising the product they should be focusing on. Plain and simple, Sony seems to have issues when it comes to keeping things simple, whether it’s advertising, or just developing a console.

Serb: I enjoyed Starhawk, so what I’m about to say makes me sad. Starhawk should never have been made. When a publisher decides whether they should fund a game, they hold a greenlight meeting, and at that stage they work out if a game will be profitable. Somehow they thought that they’d manage to spend a ton of money making a reasonably big game, which wildly deviated from its predecessor’s gameplay, and sell it at a profit with zero marketing. Even with good ads, Starhawk is a tough sell – “Like Warhawk? Well you’ll love this! Well, maybe, I don’t know, it’s kinda a different game…” As much as I love to bang on about innovation, this time it wasn’t necessary, it just alienated existing fans which could have at least have helped it break even. Of course, Sony didn’t do any ads, so it failed on multiple counts. It’s sad, and I wish the best of luck to LightBox on iOS, and find it a shame that they’ve had to cancel their multi-game contract with Sony.

But hey, at least they’re teasing To Michael: 2, because that helped them win last Christmas…

Now, go to page 2 to read Seb’s epic Daily Random. It will have you at the edge of your seat throughout.

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