Sony Releases Mysterious ‘The Reload’ Teaser Trailer

Sony has just launched a new teaser trailer called The Reload on their YouTube channel. The trailer doesn’t show much at all, other than teasing a date of October 23rd sending the internet into speculation mode.

While users on YouTube’s imaginations are running wild, suggesting everything from Syphon Filter to a new inFamous game (there is an odd lighting effect going on at the end of the teaser), we’re playing it safe and assuming it’s another “Michael” video.

The music and filming is very similar, and the female behind the counter is the same person as the Michael ad.

October 23rd is also the relaunch of the newly redesigned PlayStation Store, coincidentally, so it could be related to that. However, our gut says another Long Live Play commercial.

Check out the new teaser below, and then below that, the Michael ad for comparison. If you recall, the Michael ad was originally teased in a similar fashion.