Vigil Games’ Co-Founder Leaves Darksiders 2 Developer

Joe Madureira, the co-founder of Vigil Games, has decided to depart the studio after having been with the developer for seven years.

The news comes from Madureira’s Facebook page (via GameSpot) which states:

I’m afraid the time has come for me to move on to new adventures. I could not be more proud of what we achieved, or the awesome people who helped build up this studio. I can safely say Vigil’s future is in very good hands, so expect only awesomeness down the road. This feels surreal…I miss the place already.

Could his departure have something to do with Jason Rubin’s new role as president at THQ? Not long ago, Rubin made it clear that the Darksiders series wouldn’t continue if the second installment wasn’t successful enough. Perhaps that was enough to push Madureira over the edge and lead to his departure?

With so many high-profile game developers like the BioWare doctors and Cliff Bleszinski dropping out of the video game business, it really makes you wonder what the future of game development will hold.