All Those Videos Sony Teased? They Led Up To This

Over the last few days, Sony has released three teaser videos: The Reload, The Arrival, and The Aftermath. We could pretty much guess that they all had something to do with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and we were right.

From the makers of the uber-popular ‘Michael’ video, The All-Stars shows a live action version of Nathan Drake, Cole McGrath, Sackboy, and Kratos all squaring off in battle.

As fun as the video was to watch, it was disappointing to see the actor who played Nathan Drake in ‘Michael’ switched to this new guy, as well as the less-than-intimidating looking Kratos who got his ass kicked.

If you’d like to play the actual PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale video game, the full public beta begins tomorrow for everyone on PlayStation 3 and all PlayStation Vita owners can download the beta right now.

The completed version of PlayStation All-Stars will release on November 20th and anyone who purchases the PS3 version will get a downloadable copy of the PlayStation Vita version free.