Sony Releases (Yet Another) Teaser, ‘The Aftermath’

After teasing the PlayStation community with ‘The Reload‘ and ‘The Arrival‘, Sony has just launched yet another several-second teaser that continues to bear a striking resemblance to last year’s “Michael” advertisement.

This one is titled ‘The Aftermath’ and centers around the same woman seen in the prior two clips. If you look closely throughout the video, you’ll notice that there are several nods to PlayStation characters, including Sly, Sweet Tooth and Colonel Radec. Can you spot the hints?

With so many references to the cast of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, it’s quite possible that this may end up being one long, drawn out ad for the upcoming Sony brawler. As such, I’m sorry to all of you who were hoping that this was tied to a new game announcement.

What do you think of these teaser clips? Do you find them entertaining, or frustrating in light of the fact that there’s probably no exciting announcement coming? Let us know in the comments below.