Stardrone Dev: It’s Easier to Develop on Vita Than iOS

The PS3, and even PSP, have long faced criticism from developers for being difficult to program for, which is why one may speculate that PlayStation Vita development is similarly complex. But, according to one developer, that’s not the case at all.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Alexey Menshikov (the CEO of Stardrone developer Beatshapers) shared some interesting, and surprising insight into just how easy PlayStation Vita development is:

From our Star Drone Extreme PS Vita launch title development experience and other games we are developing right now – yes it’s easier to develop on Vita than even on iOS.

Alexey Menshikov then elaborated on this point:

The difference is, there is a certain knowledge threshold required to qualify, but it is easy to develop for sure. PS Vita is amazing device, very powerful and solid, it’s a pity that other developers are not jumping on the wagon.

iOS games and apps are known to be relatively easy to develop, which has helped make it a massive market for indie developers (along with the cheap dev kits). So to hear that native Vita development is even simpler is definitely a feather in the Vita’s cap. Between this revelation, and PlayStation Mobile, do you expect to see a flood of indie Vita developers at some point?