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10 Best PS4 Remote Play Games to Fire Up on Your iOS Device

We were pretty surprised when Sony pushed an update to the PlayStation 4 firmware that made Remote Play on mobile a thing outside of a very specific style of Sony mobile phone. Now the software has come to iOS, which is arguably the most popular brand of mobile phone out there. Android has a larger userbase, but that base is spread across a wider variety of phones, and that variety means a lot of disparity in technical power. It’ll come eventually, more than likely.

Anyway, while PS4 Remote Play is a generally awesome feature, it’s far from a perfect solution. There is definitely input latency, especially depending on the strength of your personal internet connection. But while it will always require a bit of mental patience to enjoy the feature, it helps to pick the right kinds of games.

If you’re trying to play an action game, you aren’t going to have a good time. That goes for pixel perfect fighting games and less aggressive action games, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man. Latency can be a total dealbreaker for those sorts of experiences, even if you’re expecting it. But while those sorts of games are hard to justify, there are a few spaces where latency doesn’t destroy the experience, assuming it’s still smooth and the latency isn’t too bad. This isn’t Google Stadia, which is still something that has to prove itself as well. But hey, it’s an option, and there are ways to take advantage of this option.

Before you check out the list, it’s also important to bring up controllers. Unless you do some funky user account finagling, you won’t be able to use your DualShock 4 with mobile Remote Play. iOS doesn’t support normal Bluetooth pads. You need a MFi pad, which is an unfortunate extra expense, but you can get some cool ones. Make sure when shopping you get one with L3/R3 support, and the best way to go is one that comes with a direct Lighting connection option. Hard-wiring the pad to your iOS device can eliminate extra latency issues beyond the internet stuff.

To preface this list, I tried to explore multiple genres. It would have been easy to try and load this thing up with RPGs, but instead I wanted to include some more diverse picks, including at least one AAA title I feel is a good fit for using Remote Play on your phone. Also, the Ace Attorney collection isn’t out yet as of this writing. But, like, it’s Ace Attorney. That trilogy has GOAT eligibility status.