Aside From a Few Minor Differences, NFS: Most Wanted on Vita is “Exactly the Same Game” as the PS3 Version

If you were worried that the PlayStation Vita version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted was a gimped port of the PS3 version, you can rest easy.

In an interview with the EU PlayStation Blog, producer Matt Webster explained that hardly any compromises have been made in bringing the racer to Sony’s handheld, saying that “it is exactly the same game [as the PlayStation 3 version] apart from traffic density and number of players online.”

Webster went on to discuss the importance of asynchronous play, adding:

If you play the single-player game, and then play muliplayer, any Speed Points you earn in SP also drive your MP progression, and that’s true when you play the game on Vita too. Anything you earn on Vita carries across to the console version. It’s a unified scoring system.

Better yet, the Vita version will include some exclusive goodies. “There are some exclusive Vita races and events in there for players to discover,” he said. “It’s another way for players to earn exclusive SP – it’s an extra reward for having the game on multiple devices and it allows us to do something specifically tuned to that device.”

Need for Speed: Most Wanted launches this coming Tuesday, October 30th.