Mass Effect Trilogy PS3 Gets A Release Date From Another Retailer, Coming Before The End Of The Year

A little ways back, we posted a story about how and a few other retailers had dated the PS3 version of the Mass Effect Trilogy for February 26th, 2012. Since this was a Tuesday, it didn’t seem too farfetched, just extremely disappointing that it would take that long to port the collection over.

Now, (who is rarely wrong) has posted a new release date of Tuesday, December 4th for the Mass Effect Trilogy. This date definitely sounds a lot better and if true, also means that Mass Effect 1 would be coming to the PlayStation Network on the exact same day.

We’ll of course let you know as soon as this date is either confirmed or not, but if it isn’t, December 4th already features Far Cry 3 and the retail version of The Walking Dead, two games which could easily distract you from the trilogy’s absence.

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