UK Retailer GAME Confirms Spring 2013 Release for GTA V

Just a few days ago, leaked GTA V posters teased an alleged spring 2013 release for Rockstar’s highly anticipated title. Now, UK retailer GAME has spoken out on Twitter to confirm the release window.

Naturally the Tweet has since been taken down—Rockstar still hasn’t confirmed the official release window, mind you—but not before a screenshot of the post was taken (via IGN).

At this point, it’s pretty hard to argue against a spring release window. Rockstar traditionally releases their major titles in the April-May timeframe, so it’s safe to say we’ll likely be able to get our hands on GTA V during the same general window next year.

If you look closely at the posted image, you’ll notice that it’s actually of three different box covers sporting some gorgeous art the series is known for. Will these be the pre-order boxes we’ll see on store shelves when Rockstar inevitably blows the lid off of the release window? It sure looks that way.

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