Feast Your Eyes on this Stunning Live Action Killzone Fan Film

November 2, 2012Written by Jesse Meikle

Most fan films fall between one of two cliches – they’re either low-budget (often faithfully created) eye-sores, or blockbuster level beautiful pieces of cinematography, that share little in common with the source material, other than taking place in the same general setting.

The 14 minute film below “Killzone Intercept” is an incredibly faithful (albeit non-interactive) depiction of the Killzone series, with the added benefit of being drop dead gorgeous. Killzone Intercept even presents many of Killzone’s theological themes, in a more effective way than Guerrilla Games has yet to do.

There’s an incredible attention to detail, so try to spot great clever gems for Killzone fans to enjoy in Intercept. What do you think of Killzone Intercept?

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