PSM3, Xbox World Magazines to Close Down

With a growth in online media, a poor economy, and the slowdown of the console market, it’s becoming increasingly hard for specialist gaming mags to stay in business. Major publisher Future has closed several magazines recently, notably the US version of the Official PlayStation Mag, and has now sadly announced that two more publications will be coming to a close.

Clair Porteous, Future’s Head of Entertainment, told Future-owned CVG:

After careful consideration, Future has made the decision to close Xbox World and PSM3 magazines with the final issues going on sale on December 12. This decision has been taken as Future continues to focus on its strategy on accelerating digital growth across its international digitally-[focused] brand business.

Dan Dawkins, Editor of PSM3, explained on Facebook:

Don’t be sad. It’s too late for that now. In truth, we’ve been finding it hard to keep the magazine at the level we’d like for a little while now, and we’ll all be grateful of the rest. Like that bit at the end of MGS4 where Big Boss toots on a cigar. Finally at peace. While, er, coughing his lungs up.

PSM3 subscribers will be given the option to switch to OPM UK, or get their money back. Thankfully, Future has said that they “intend and fully expect there to be no redundancies”.

Interestingly, PSM3 also teased that their penultimate issue will include a big PlayStation 4 reveal.