PlayStation All-Stars Final Arena Unveiled – Say ‘Hello’ to Helghan

November 19, 2012Written by Jesse Meikle

During a live-stream with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s lead designer, Omar Kendall, IGN’s PlayStation editors were treated to the first (public) unveiling of Battle Royale’s final unrevealed stage – Invasion.

Invasion opens up to two side by side intruder ISA troop transport hovercrafts jetting through a dark firestorm of anti-aircraft activity. The two platforms vary in position during this sequence, making transition between the generally adjacent areas more or less difficult at any given moment. No one appeared to fall during this portion of the level, however, the intruders may be closing the gap between themselves, when an All-Stars combatant begins plummeting between the intruders.

When the PlayStation All-Stars are swiftly dropped off on Helghan they initially begin on the top level of the stage until the surface (and a monkey cage) is broken through military fire. After the ground breaks, a large assortment of PiPO helmet apes swarm into the stage’s background. This dirt deep area plays host to what looks to be one of the largest levels in Battle Royale.

Soon after, Invasion is invaded by a giant rocket propelled robotic monkey torso that aims at a cluster of the screen, then unleashes a swarm of missiles at the targets. The scenery also changes from Killzone‘s often criticized brown/grey color pallet to a much more green and beautiful, somewhat tropical environment.

You can view Invasion in motion over at IGN, the level is shown an hour into the video.

Invasion looks like one of the most dynamic PlayStation All-Stars stages of the lot. Now that every Battle Royale arena has been revealed which one is your favorite?

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