Perhaps The Most Important, Yet Overlooked Feature of Vita Firmware 2.00

The PlayStation Vita firmware 2.00 launched yesterday in preparation for Plus for Vita. While this was the most lauded feature of the new update, it did bring other fixes and optimizations that didn’t garner quite so much attention. One stated feature was the improved performance of the Vita’s browser, but not much further was said about it.

The improvement to the browser does not just heighten its ability to display most web content, but optimizes its overall memory allocation as well, meaning that it ultimately uses less memory to run the application. Why is this important? Previously, the web browser used so much memory that you could not run it alongside any other applications. The latest update now allows the browser to run simultaneously with other apps, including games.

This means that there is no more playing Vita with a computer next to you to check on strategies, trophy guides, or take a break to read this article. Need to check on where that last pesky treasure is in Uncharted: Golden Abyss? Can’t miss the latest Daily Reaction? Just want to browse cat pictures? Hit the PS button, pull up the (now much improved) browser, and then jump right back in to the game without missing a beat. You can even keep the browser application running so that you can switch back and forth during game play. Being a trophy fiend, this feature will be invaluable to me.

What do you think of the optimized memory allocation? Will you be putting more use to the Vita’s browser with these improvements? Do you see yourself looking up strategy and trophy guides while playing games? Be sure to let us know below and keep the feedback coming!