Sports Champions 2 Gets Updated to Version 1.01

In order to keep this short, because of the overly long list of patch notes, I’ll just say that Sports Champions 2 has been updated to patch version 1.01 and it fixes pretty much every aspect of the game.

Check out the full changelog below:


  • 430 SDK for Facebook API changes
  • Updates to the Victory Booth
  • Pose with your avatar
  • Set a sport specific background to use in your photo
  • EULA server support
  • When selecting a playable boss avatar, your current custom avatar will be saved for retrieval later.
  • Telemetry support



  • New 1.01 saved data format, copies from 1.00 data if that exists.  First 1.01 boot will be longer during this process.
  • LED lights can lead to the game being unplayable when there are multiple lighting sources in certain scenarios.
  • Stability when soaking on the Options menu for more than an hour, then entering the Credits.
  • Users are unable to reassign motion controllers during gameplay without having to turn one off
  • Game Data Icon displays incorrect SC2 logo in certain scenarios
  • When a certain save data is copied using the ‘Data Transfer Utility’ then an inappropriate message would display while saving in the ‘Avatar Creator’
  • In the XMB when the user name is set to ‘%ls’ and if Customize is selected in the Name Settings screen, stability issue.
  • Three wins are awarded in Profile Stats for completing a Tennis Challenge match
  • The Golf DLC emblem on the Carbon Fiber clubs should not display when only the Unlock All DLC is installed
  • SCEH – In Korean, Party Play text size would overlap in the HUD
  • SCEH – Title Name of the installed game is missing “Digital”
  • SCEH – Saved Data Title Name is incorrectly displayed when created in Korean

Party Mode

  • Users will be notified of everyone’s difficulty selection at the end of the party
  • The scores of all players was enlarged on the ‘Challenge Results’ page
  • Player photos briefly flash on Event Results screen before sliding in
  • Frame rate significantly stutters during Choose a Motion Controller prompt under certain conditions


  • Long Archery scores are cut off after uploading a Cup Play match photo .
  • Using the ‘Line Break’ button can cause text to run out off the bottom/top of the screen
  • Facebook and in-game preview post will contain incorrect line-breaks
  • When a sentence is created with more than 12 line breaks, several issues will occur
  • User input text for a Facebook post can run out of the screen

My Champion

  • The Preparing Champion loading screen will exceed 60 seconds if the User creates 6 Champions with assets acquired from the Unlock All DLC and then reboots after erasing the DLC
  • Gold Cup Champion Package: Boss icons for all sports will not display if ‘Boss’ Champion is being used
  • The User’s chosen Premade Avatar should not be randomly selected as teammate/opponent
  • CPU opponent Mason has corrupt hair graphic [in-game icons]
  • Edit Champion: Breadcrumbs can appear over locked assets
  • Bunny Slipper nose color cannot be modified
  • Equipping multiple items on the Unlock Packages screen then quitting or continuing may cause title to lock

Cup Play

  • User can increase their offline cup play score by going from the in-game match selection screen and back to the previous completed match post-game screen.
  • Cup Play – Star count tally should finish before transitioning to another round or before the game ends
  • When progressing through match results to the next match before CPU avatar loads in, title hangs for 10-15 seconds before loading match
  • The PlayStation Eye does not read the second [Move] controller at the start of a race (timing specific)
  • With some user setups in Cup Play – Equipping unlocked items then selecting Continue causes load screen to exceed 60 seconds

Victory Booth

  • Victory Booth: Changed a mask color
  • The “Sports Champions 2” logo is partially cut off when viewed on the Victory Booth screen
  • Victory Booth option should be added to Match Results screen


  • Shooting Gallery-Balloons: The Exclamation Target does not always take 20pts away in the Breakpoint Bay environment
  • Champion Cup Match 4 Round 3 – Rally Cubes randomly fail to spawn after the initial 2 and gameplay will not progress
  • Hit streaks during demo attract mode will be reflected on the stats


  • Round numbers are not displayed above the scores in the pause menu
  • With one motion controller, the Avatar’s hand position may become reset while attempting to charge a power punch
  • Champion Challenge – It is too difficult to see the highlights on shadowman
  • Two One Handed Motion Controls prompts will appear when two Users are using One Motion Controller in Standard Boxing in Party Play
  • The crowd can still randomly be heard in the background even when audio options are turned off


  • Breakpoint Bay – On Gold Point Summit user respawns when touching the fence on the left near the start of the course
  • Breakpoint Bay – On The Fault Line user respawns when traveling close to the left border boundary
  • Breakpoint Bay – On The Fault Line user respawns when traveling down on the right side before the jump off the cave
  • Breakpoint Bay – On Gold Point Summit there are a couple of locations outside the bounds where a user with enough speed can fall through the world momentarily
  • Breakpoint Bay – The Fault Line – Crashing on a small jump on the left causes the Avatar to respawn in front of a wall
  • Breakpoint Bay – On The Fault Line the user is reset to a location inside level geometry and will fall through the world repeatedly
  • Mega Dome – On Dragon’s Spine user has a chance to respawn out of the world when crashing on the left side of the middle tunnel
  • Mega Dome – Avatar is able to fall under the course  back from the launch platform
  • Mega Dome – Avatar is able to ski out of bounds near the end of the course and resets clipping into the course
  • Mega Dome – On Dead Man’s Descent large boulder disappears after jumping and riding the wall on the left
  • Mega Dome – On Dragon’s Spine the respawn area in last tunnel can cause the user to crash back into pit
  • Mega Dome – On Dead Man’s Decent elevated signs toward end of on Gold Cup Race 2 lack collision
  • Free Play Skiing – Dreadlock ponytail (last hairstyle) seems to grow in length when wearing a beanie during the intro and winner screen
  • Free Play Skiing – A brief image will flash across the screen during the victory cutscene.
  • Cup Play Skiing – If player finishes race second within 0.002 seconds of race winner the player still advances in Cup play as if they won
  • Cup Play Skiing – Stat for ‘Flipping’ displays total inconsistent with what is earned in match
  • The character may perform a front flip after jumping when the motion controller is positioned for a backwards flip
  • Cup Play Skiing – The Player indicators on the  Mini Map display incorrectly after loading into any team event in Free Play
  • General Skiing – The character may perform a front flip after jumping when the motion
  • General Skiing – On Mont Vitesse (Greenhorn Pass) and Breakpoint Bay
  • (The Fault Line) lamp posts on night courses lack collision


  • Mega Dome –  On hole 1 the green grid is missing when hitting the ball out of the sand trap
  • Mega Dome – Warped graphics appear briefly after completing a Freeplay match with 2 players
  • Mont Vitesse – On hole 1 hitting to a large boulder on left side of the course will cause the avatar to play next shot in/on a rock and have improper collision
  • Mont Vitesse – On hole 1 there is a patch of grass that appears to be brown in a triangle formation on the course
  • Free Play Golf – In Team Stroke Play, Scorecard will display incorrect scores when it’s viewed after at least 1 ball from a teammate has made it into the hole
  • Party Play Golf – In the Silver challenge match the lie percentage indicator on the HUD has multiple graphics issues
  • General Golf – Left Handed Avatars will place their ball and tee upside down during their intro
  • General Golf – While playing team stroke play in Mont Vitesse the BGM will not be played from the screen which determines the winning or losing
  • General Scramble DLC: The spectators will block the view of the green on the ‘Select a location to play from’ screen after hitting into the gallery


  • In a Challenge match, Star points obtained are not viewable during gameplay
  • Quickly skipping training on matches 1-4 of Bronze or match 1 of Silver causes the Player’s ball to warp once
  • Screen remains on avatars after for long period of time before loading victory/defeat vignette under certain conditions
  • Quickly skipping training causes the Training HUD to remain on screen during the regular match
  • User can be spun around and will be unable to hit the ball for that turn
  • Tip and training about power shots changing text to vibration