Rockstar Comments on the $15 Price Tag of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When the PlayStation Store updated earlier today, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came to the PS2 Classics section. Priced at $15, it rings in at $5 more than any other PS2 Classic (including GTA III) on the PSN.

As you can imagine, some people were upset about this, prompting Rockstar to respond via the PS Blog:

Hey guys, we hear the feedback on the pricing and would like to point out that the price point on PlayStation Store is consistent with digital versions of San Andreas everywhere. We hope those of you who pick it up enjoy heading back to Grove Street.

Taking a look at Xbox Live, the game costs 1200 MSP ($15), with the Steam version running you $14.99, meaning that they were being honest when they said it lined up with the other digital versions of the game. It is worth noting that the Xbox 360 download came out in 2008, with the PC one in January 2011, and both have seen sales that put it under $10.

Until the PS2 Classic sees a sale though, you’ll have to spend $15 from your wallet and 4.2GB from your hard drive to play San Andreas on your PS3.

What do you think about the higher price? Let us know in the comments below.

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