GTA 5 PS5 Launch Sale

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS5 Introductory Deal Makes the Game Very Cheap

When Grand Theft Auto 5 is released on PS5 on March 15, the game will come with an introductory launch sale that will see it discounted by approximately 50% on the PlayStation Store for the first three months of its release. The game will go back to normal price in June.

How does the GTA V PS5 deal work?

GTA V Playstation Store

When Grand Theft Auto V is released on PS5, it will be added to the PlayStation Store alongside the standalone version of GTA Online. The latter is being offered for free to all PlayStation 5 players until June 14. While GTA Online is free, GTA V is being reduced by around 50%, although the actual deal varies by region. While players will be purchasing the entire game, including the multiplayer content, the deal is to account for PS5 players only needing to pay for the single-player content.

While the pre-order page is yet to go live in many regions, this means the game has been reduced to $14.99 in Australia. According to PlayStation Game Size, this will convert to $19.99 in the US and £17.99 in the UK. On June 14, GTA Online will no longer be free and GTA V will revert back to its normal price of €39.99/£34.99/AU$59.95. A US price is yet to be confirmed. There will not be a discounted upgrade option for those who already own the PS4 version of the game.

In other news, Luminous Productions and Square Enix have delayed their upcoming PS5 console exclusive Forspoken by five months. The game will no longer be released in May, instead now releasing in October in time for the holiday season. Elsewhere, the much-rumored PlayStation State of Play March 2022 presentation was supposedly due to take place this week but has been delayed because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The show is still expected to take place this month, though.