Best New IP of 2012 Award

December 19, 2012Written by Anthony Severino

Winner: Dishonored

This late into the console generation, developers and publisher alike are less likely to take risks. Sequels to established franchises are much sounder of an investment, almost ensuring a solid return. A new IP is a dangerous venture, especially when going up against the likes of Call of Duty, Halo, or Assassin’s Creed. Bethesda and Arkane Studios could be commended for their fortitude alone, but Dishonored’s achievements reach far beyond.

Dishonored puts choice back into the hands of players, allowing them to dictate their experience. And that same choice can alter the game’s world, story, and conclusion. But above all, the unique setting and art-style, coupled with a balance of realistic weapons and supernatural powers provides a sense of unmatched power when placed in the hands of an assassin hell-bent on revenge.

Runners Up:

  • Journey
  • Gravity Rush

  • Sound Shapes

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