Deal 11 of the EU PSN 12 Deals of Christmas: Hitman: Absolution

With us now on deal 11, we can really start putting each of the offers into three different categories: more expensive than retail, slightly cheaper than retail, and alienating certain customers. When it comes to Hitman: Absolution, we get one that falls in to the slightly cheaper than retail area, as long as you have PlayStation Plus.

Running from now until 11:59pm on December 22nd, Hitman: Absolution will be £19.99/€29.99, a savings of up to 60% off the regular price of £49.99/€59.99. They’re also upping the ante a little on the PlayStation Plus discount, giving it to plussers for £16.99/€25.49 (an additional 15% off).

If you’d rather own a physical copy of the game though, currently has it for £19.99, the exact same as the sale price.

As for the final deal, it will be Far Cry 3, so keep your fingers crossed that we get a really good price to close out the 12 Deals of Christmas.


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