Oddworld Developers “Still Working on” Getting Abe into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Back in September we shared Oddworld Inhabitant’s plight/general attempt to get Oddworld‘s Abe into PlayStation All-Stars. At the time, Stewart Gilray explained that SuperBot Entertainment wasn’t showing any interest in including the PS1’s semi-iconic, frog-faced, RuptureFarm fleeing fiend in All-Stars. Now it seems that, despite effort on the Oddworld Inhabitants behalf, not a lot of progress is being made.

When asked whether the Oddworld Inhabitants are trying to get Abe into the Battle Royale, they responded with this slightly discouraging tweet:

Abe may not be the most recognizable character, but he’s certainly on the same level of obscurity as characters like PaRappa, Fat Princess, Spike and Sir Daniel, along with the upcoming downloadable characters Kat and Emmett Graves.

Would you like to see Oddworld’s Abe in PlayStation All-Stars? Sound off in the comments.

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