Oddworld Dev Wants Abe in PlayStation All-Stars

It looks like Oddworld Inhabitants would love to have Abe in Sony’s upcoming brawler PlayStation All-Stars, but it looks like SuperBot has yet to get back to them.

Development director Stewart Gilray shared this news with CVG, saying:

I was over at Sony America and they were definitely up for it, but the developer hasn’t gotten back to us. We’ve been trying to get in touch with them since May and can’t work out if they’ve fixed their character line-up for the release version or if they’re simply not interested?!

We’d love to get him in the game. We’ve already been talking about the moves he could have like possessing Kratos and beating the shit out of everyone… I guess they’re busy and we’re busy.

If for whatever reason Abe doesn’t make it in the game, there’s no doubt that SuperBot is missing out on one heck of an amazing opportunity.

Would you like to see Abe included in Sony’s mashup brawler? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.