Crash Bandicoot Redesign Possibly Spotted, Probably Just Skylanders

A very interesting poster was found in a Facebook photo Vicarious Visions posted of the studio’s office that may have revealed a reboot to the classic PlayStation character…or more Skylanders merchandise for Activision’s insanely lucrative video figurine hybrid game.

Behind the standing cross-armed gentleman is Crash Bandicoot, waving in all his currently shadow drenched glory. I’ve taken the liberty to enhance the image for clarity.

So, many of you may be wondering what exactly this means for Crash. Nothing is certain (in fact, nothing may ever come of this) but our best bet is probably Crash’s inclusion in the next Skylanders figure drop. This seems likely due to Vicarious Visions’ involvement with the Skylanders franchise, additionally, the platform Mr. Bandicoot is standing on is reminiscent of a Skylanders figure platform.

However, there is hope for an actual reboot. Vicarious Visions has worked on four Crash Bandicoot games in the past, and on June 10th 2011 it was discovered that they’re working on 3 unannounced multiplatform projects.

A redesign of Crash Bandicoot also explains his notable absence from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Battle Royale‘s lead game designer, Omar Kendall, has been asked on multiple occasions whether Crash specifically would make it into the All-Star roster – his responses were always somewhat promising teases (stay tuned.) Activision even stated on Twitter that @SuperBotEnt “will have more info on this” when a fan questioned Crash’s inclusion in All-Stars.

If Activision really is redesigning/rebooting the memorable marsupial in some manner, it would be very unorthodox to let an appearance in PlayStation All-Stars precede an official announcement of Bandicoot’s return – this explains his exclusion thus far. So, if you’d like to be incredibly optimistic, you can hope the former PlayStation mascot will join the Battle Royale as downloadable content at some point – just don’t hold your breath; I’d hate to be responsible for oxygen-absent collapses across the continent.

What’s your take on this? Is Crash Bandicoot truly back? And if so, in what manner will the marsupial mark his return?