Double Fine Reportedly Considering Purchase of THQ Assets

January 11, 2013Written by Alex Osborn

THQ is going to get picked clean at an auction later this month, and it looks like Double Fine wants to get in on the action.

Distressed Debt Investing kicked off the speculation by posting on Twitter:

THQ: Both Warner Brothers and Double Fine productions have asked for bankruptcy filings in the THQ case.

We already know that both Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. are looking to scoop up some of THQ’s properties and/or studios, but until now, we had no idea that Double Fine was interested. At this point however, it’d be foolish for a publisher or studio not to take a look at THQ’s properties and see what they may be able to pick up on the cheap.

Is there a particular THQ franchise that you think would be well suited in the hands of Double Fine? I for one think that Darksiders III could be pretty cool if it were in the hands of Tim Schafer, but of course that would never happen. What’s most likely is that DF is either looking into some of THQ’s lesser-known (cheaper) IPs, or console publishing rights for Stacking and Costume Quest, which THQ might own after publishing the games on PSN and XBLA.

Be sure to check back here at PlayStation LifeStyle later this month to find out where THQ’s assets will be headed after the bidding ends on January 22nd.