New PlayStation Store Gets v1.02 Update, Now Faster

January 13, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss

We’ve said before that we’re not the biggest fans of the new PlayStation Store, going as far as to give it a runner-up award for the biggest failure of 2012. Our main gripe was that, instead of actually making things faster, like you’d expect, the store was often sluggish and unresponsive. Sony have now issued a new patch to speed things up.

Weighing in a 26mb, v1.02 of the PS Store shouldn’t take too long to download. No patch notes are included, but anecdotal evidence and our own first-hand test run does indicate that the store is visibly faster. It’s still not lightening-quick, and you sometimes still have to go through a few more steps than seems necessary, but it’s an improvement.

Let us know if you feel the new update has improved your PS Store experience in the comments below.