Kat and Emmett Enter the PlayStation All-Stars Fight on February 12th, Will be Free for Two Weeks

Seth Killian let the world know that information regarding the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC that included characters Kat and Emmett, as well as a new stage, would be unveiled today. True to that statement, Kat and Emmett will come to PS All-Stars on February 12th in North America and February 13th in Europe, with them being offered for free during the first two weeks.

You can read about both characters in full detail over here, but if you just want the cliff-notes and an introduction video for Kat and Emmett, here you go:


Kat graces PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale with her presence, as an up-close melee fighter who utilizes her ability to manipulate gravity to turn the tide in battle. Players who enjoyed Gravity Rush on PS Vita know that Kat loves to bend gravity to allow her to dash, slide, and fly from one place to another, and her All-Stars incarnation is no exception. Those who enjoy AP burst combos and varied mobility will definitely gravitate towards Kat.


Emmett Graves from Starhawk joins the fray! He brings his signature “Build & Battle” style from Starhawk, calling down different structures to aid him in battle, including Rift Extractors for AP and Flak Turrets that fire at will. Aside from his default rifle and pistol, Emmett can also call for additional weaponry in the form of shotgun and rocket launcher loadouts, allowing him to adapt to any situation. These loadouts will also change his level 1 super, giving him a total of five supers to choose from!

As for that new stage, it’s a mash-up between WipEout and Heavenly Sword, called Fearless, and will be out at some point in February, though it looks like you’ll have to pay for it. By purchasing it, you’ll be able to use Fearless offline and in non-ranked lobbies, while those who don’t buy it still get to play Fearless in ranked online matches.

There’s also supposed to be news of a brand new patch coming to PS All-Stars later today, so stay tuned to PSLS for all the details.

Which character will you fight with first? What’s the maximum you’d pay for Fearless? Let us know in the comments below.