SCEA Files Video Game Trademark for ‘Knack’

With the PS3 still chugging along, the PS4 right around the corner and the Vita being the Vita, Sony’s development teams have never been so busy. Now, PSLS may have uncovered yet another game they are working on – Knack.

The trademark filing by Sony Computer Entertainment America only happened this year, although we’ve also dug up a trademark for Knack in Europe by SCEE last October. Considering SCEE trademarked it first, it’s possible that a European studio is behind the game.

Knack doesn’t exactly sound like an AAA game (we could be wrong), and could instead be a downloadable title – the trademark does cover “computer game software downloadable from a global computer network”. We also don’t know if this for PS3, PS Vita, PS Mobile or PS4 as trademarks don’t list specific platforms.

Hopefully we’ll find out soon, although unfortunately a correlation can’t be drawn between the time of a trademark filing and the date of announcement – some are done years in advance, others the very day before and some even after the game has been announced.

Feel free to pitch your game concept for Knack in the comments below.