Borderlands 2 Level Cap to Increase by the End of March

When I downloaded Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt this past Tuesday, I was met with a fundamental problem. My main character, the Commando, was at a staunch level 50, and playing through the new content with him would not net me any sort of progression outside of challenges. However, the add-on is meant to be endgame DLC, so trying to tackle it with my level 18 Gunzerker or level 9 Assassin was out of the question as I was met with level 30+ versions of the campaign’s new enemies (trust me, I tried).

I wanted to begin playing the DLC immediately though, so I settled on using my Commando, but it still got me wondering where the inevitable level cap increase is. Speaking with OPM UK, Borderlands 2‘s associate producer James Lopez confirmed that we could see our characters soaring past 50 and into their golden years by the end of March.

We do have one planned, and it will be for quite a few levels which will allow you play for quite a bit longer. We also have a plan for Q1.

He also mentioned an interesting bit of information about the timing of the level increase conforming to the stat tracking that is done through SHiFT. SHiFT allows them a lot more visibility into who’s playing at what levels and how many characters they have at those levels in order to time the release of the cap increase perfectly.

It sounds like the update will be quite significant when it does launch and add a fair amount of continued playability to the title. With a vague window of  sometime in the next two and a half months, are you simply waiting for that cap increase to continue playing Borderlands 2? What did you think of the latest “chums weekend” adventure with Hammerlock? Cap out your comments at level 50 below and stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for updates.

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