Borderlands 2 Character Customization DLC Releases Starting Today

January 22, 2013Written by Chandler Wood

Borderlands 2 may have a large amount of customization options for all of the characters, but if you just can’t get enough, Gearbox has added more. We previously reported on the rumor of the customization packs with the leaked information about Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, and it appears that what  was rumored has come to fruition.

2K announced on their blog today that there are three packs that are each themed: Domination, Madness, and Supremacy. According to the wording of the post, it sounds like these packs will see a staggered release, starting with the Madness pack releasing today. Each individual pack will include a one head and one skin customization for each of the five available characters for a total of 15 head and 15 skin customizations if you buy all three (that’s basic math!) and each one will cost  USD $0.99 / GBP £0.75 / EUR 0,99 € individually. They were also sure to clarify that these packs are not part of the season pass and must be purchased separately.

Judging by the character collage seen above, these skins and heads look pretty radically different from any that are available in the main game or existing DLC, and at their listed price, it would be a very easy purchase to make. Are you planning on decking out your characters with any (or all) of the new packs? Are you still waiting for the level cap increase that should come before the end of March, or is this incentive to start a new save with one of the other characters? Customize this article with your own comments below, and we won’t even charge you $0.99 to do it.

More PSLS customization options: