Sony Explains Why The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition is GameStop and USA Exclusive

Yesterday we broke the story about The Last of Us Survival Edition being available when the game launches on May 7th, then shortly after that, a Post-Pandemic Edition was also announced for $160, exclusively at GameStop USA. Ouch.

Since more than a few people don’t have a GameStop near them, or just don’t want to spend their money there, a PSN user by the name of Lara-Croft left a comment on the PS Blog that read, “So the true collector is ONLY at gamestop? I hope not!” This is the response they were given by Mick Perona, Associate Product Marketing Manager of First Party Games:

Cool PSN name, Lara! Nope, that’s not what it says above. What we’re saying, is that collector’s who are into this unbelievable new world Naughty Dog has crafted for us all to play in, and who will want to collect and show off their 12″ Joel and Ellie statue in all it’s glory, will want the Post-Pandemic edition. 🙂

The fact that this edition is exclusive to GameStop is only because the edition is so limited in quantity that we weren’t able to offer them to our other retail partners as well.

For those of us in Canada who had hoped that the Post-Pandemic Edition would be available here, it was confirmed that that wouldn’t be happening, with Canada just getting the Survival Edition and Mexico getting neither. Europe gets these, but neither of the US editions. This wasn’t Naughty Dog’s choice though, as Mick said that “it’s actually up to each territory (country) to decide which editions they will carry.”

With the Post-Pandemic Edition “extremely limited in quantity,” have you pre-ordered your copy? Or will you be getting the Survival Edition? Or maybe the regular edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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