Patch 1.05 Now Available for PlayStation All-Stars, Has Changes for Drake and Kratos

Seth Killian from SuperBot originally told us that we’d hear everything about this patch last week, but nothing came to pass. Then, without warning, patch 1.05 has now become available for PlayStation All-Stars.

It isn’t a monumental update for the title, though it does adds some changes to Raiden, Drake, and Kratos, while also giving us some general fixes:


  • Reaction on forward throw changed from crumple to flatten


  • Increased start up on Cover Wall
  • Ability to chain Blind Fire to Run and Gun Retreat removed


  • Combat Grapple recovery time on block and whiff increased
  • Combat Grapple homing angle decreased (The targeting angle has been reduced from 70° to 45° which has reduced the effective area from 140° down to 90° total.)


  • Network stability improved
  • 2v2 match summary disconnect fixed
  • AP orbs not always awarded online fixed
  • Store button added to Main Menu
  • Fix to ensure all players will be awarded proper titles at the end of a season
  • Fixed belt display on Quick Match loading screen

Do you like the update? What else do you hope they fix in future patches? Let us know in the comments below.


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