Sony Teases ‘Game Day 2013’ For Feb 1st, Almost Definitely God of War Related

In true Sony fashion, a mysterious video has found its way online, lacking a description or an explanation.

Titled ‘Game Day 2013 Teaser’ the video below ends with the date February 1st:

As you can see, everything about the video suggests God of War – the Grecian clothing, the Greek-style landscape, the ashes, the eye. The only question that remains is – what exactly are they teasing about GOW?

Before you get too excited, it’s probably just a teaser for a live-action ad, just like they mysteriously teased All-Stars ads. There’s always the off-chance that this is an elaborate teaser for a Vita game, or that the video was secretly rendered on the PS4, but our money’s on it being an ad.

Some have suggested that the “Game Day” title and the fact that it’s being released just ahead of the Super Bowl hints that the ad will be playing during the Super Bowl itself, which would be incredible… but at $4million per 30secs, that’s already more than Sony spent on advertising games for the entirety of 2012.

We’ll be sure to find out this Friday on February 1st, when the teaser ends, or possibly on February 3rd, when the Super Bowl airs.

God of War: Ascension itself is out on March 12th, along with all these games.