18 New PlayStation All-Stars Minions Revealed – Mr. Grimm, Visari, Lil, More

The Asian PlayStation Blog has revealed that 18 new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale minions are going to find their way onto the Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesian PlayStation Store fronts today.

Minions are the small, cartoony supporting characters with large heads, they can be seen in stage backgrounds, as part of Supers, in intros and outros and in multiple kill bonuses. They are unlocked after reaching Rank 8 with a character.

The new minions of mash-up murder mayhem include:

  • Ashelin – Jak & Daxter
  • Buzz – Buzz
  • Carmelita – Sly Cooper
  • Colossus of Rhodes – God of War
  • Elena – Uncharted
  • Eucadian Soldier – Warhawk
  • Kuro – Doko Demo Essyo
  • Lil – Escape Plan
  • Logan Graves – Starhawk
  • Lucy Kuo – inFAMOUS
  • Mr. Grimm – Twisted Metal
  • Ninja – Fat Princess
  • Pirate – Fat Princess
  • Polyphemus – God of War
  • Rico – Killzone
  • Suzuki – Hot Shots Golf
  • The Professor – Ape Escape
  • Visari – Killzone

The minions haven’t been confirmed for a release outside of Asia, nor has a price been attached to the content. They will, almost certainly, cost money, since they’re listed as being cross-buy content. It’s also worth noting that minions don’t feature voice work of any kind, so, from a development standpoint, the characters should require little to no effort to make the transition to the rest of the globe.

It’s nice to see PlayStation franchises without (playable) character representation like Lil, Suzuki, and Buzz coming in the form of an awkwardly disproportionate carnage cheer leader. On the other hand, it’s great that previously neglected side-kick staples like Elena, The Professor, and Lucy Kuo are making their way into the (side-lines) of the All-Star fighting fray.

Who are you looking forward to cheering you on when these secondary stars inevitably make their way outside of Asia?