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Destruction AllStars Won’t be $70 When it Leaves PlayStation Plus

When Destruction AllStars leaves the PlayStation Plus free games on April 6th, it won’t retail for $70. New players who missed it on Plus will be able to pick it up for considerably less, just $19.99. Of course, as with all PS Plus games, if you redeemed it for free, you’ll have access to it as long as you maintain an active Plus subscription.

Originally planned as a $70 PS5 launch title, Lucid Games’ strategy for Destruction AllStars shifted, instead releasing as a free PlayStation Plus title in February 2021. The game launched exclusively on Plus and isn’t currently available for digital sale (given the need for PS Plus to play this always online game, it wouldn’t make sense to sell it separately). But when its two-month PS Plus run comes to an end, many wondered if it would jump back up to the originally announced $70 premium.

While people have been having fun with the destruction derby game, many agreed that it didn’t seem worth $70. Our own review praised the exceptionally high production values and stylish presentation, but lamented a relatively shallow experience that wore out its welcome with a significant lack of substance.

Lucid Games announced the new price point along with a suite of upcoming support. They outlined a general roadmap for the next couple of months, including new Challenge Series events being added, some playlist and game mode shakeups, and double XP weekends. There are also a bunch of new skins coming to the game, and “surprises” scheduled for April and beyond.


  • Double XP Weekend
  • Genesis’ Challenge Series


  • Featured Playlist: Mayhem 8v8 (Playable in a party!)
  • Featured Playlist: Stockpile 4v4
  • Double XP Weekends
  • Bluefang’s Challenge Series
  • 10 New Skins


  • Featured Playlist: Carnado Solo
  • Double XP Weekends
  • A few more surprises…

They’ve also promised that Destruction Points, which are currently a premium currency and the only way to unlock new Challenge Series past the first one, will be earnable “through in-game activities” soon.

Shifting the Destruction AllStars price point to $19.99 is a good move that should help support the long term life of the game beyond its PlayStation Plus offering, particularly in light of the current monetization of in-game microtransactions for premium skins and even the single-player campaign content of the game (through the time-locked and currency-locked Challenger Series).

However, you still have more than a month to add Destruction AllStars to your PS Plus games library. Even if you don’t have a PS5 yet, you should at least redeem Destruction AllStars if you are a Plus subscriber. Starting April 6th, Destruction AllStars price will be $19.99, only available digitally through the PlayStation Store.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]