PlayStation Stars is online

PlayStation Stars Back Online, Rollout Phased by Region

At long last, PlayStation Stars is back online after breaking the 2011 PSN outage record. However, the loyalty program is being brought back in phases, with Sony staggering the rollout by region. At the time of this writing, PS Stars is accessible in Asian regions only, and will go live in Europe and North America soon.

Will Sony compensate members after PlayStation Stars is back online globally?

PS Stars’ return was first reported by users across Asia, who noticed a message on the PS App informing them of the regional rollout. We checked the PS App on our end and can confirm seeing the message.

“PlayStation Stars will be returning soon in phased regional rollouts,” the statement reads. “Thank you for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you back.”

For now, this is the extent of Sony’s official communication on the matter. It’s unlikely that we’ll get the low-down on what happened. The good news is, members of the PS Stars subreddit have confirmed that their points are intact, and they’ve received points for purchases made during the outage.

As for whether we’ll receive compensation for the month-long downtime, that’s anybody’s guess right now. The program isn’t online in all regions yet, so we might hear more from Sony once the rollout is complete.