The PlayStation LifeStyle: Birth of a Nation

PlayStation LifeStyle has been growing and evolving since it’s inception in 2009. Even in the last six months we’ve added features such as Seb and Dan’s Daily Reaction articles and Bad Gamer’s podcast, Jason’s Ask PSLS and the rebirth of the PSLS PlayList, not to mention plenty of Wood jokes. The site has undergone a significant redesign and we began using the Disqus comments system to provide a more interactive experience.

Seb became Editor-in-Chief and has single-handedly burned bridges with every other gaming journalist outlet. Dan went from an upstanding, well-to-do citizen, to the only homeless hobo with four laptops and a PS3. Jason writes so many articles that I’m not even sure if he actually plays games (also he’s Canadian, which is somehow relevant). The entire staff has been striving to take part in the PSLS community more and these changes have been monumental for the site.

Why stop there? PlayStation LifeStyle is not content with the growth and evolution that we’ve been doing. We want more. Especially with the impending next generation of consoles on the horizon. We don’t want to stop until we’ve taken over a country, at the very least. But what is a nation without it’s citizens? We need you.

Our name is not PlayStation LifeStyle for no reason. We eat, sleep and breathe PlayStation. We do what we do for the love of Sony’s flagship console. But we need your help to make PlayStation LifeStyle the central place for the lifestyle of PlayStation fans.

What features would you like to see implemented into the site? What things do you get from other sites that we don’t provide? We want to be your one stop for all things PlayStation. We want all of your ideas, from the simple “having a searchable list of games to find related news/info” to the absolutely absurd “win a VIP tour of Dan’s new cardboard box” (Tweet to Dan directly @foolsjoker to inquire about this one). Do you want to see trophy guides, smartphone apps, forums? How about a weekly email news blast? PSLS is only as good as the feedback and input from the fans that visit. Our very own PSLS Nation.

We can’t promise any changes to the site. We can’t promise any changes to our methods. Some things are just not possible or cost money that we don’t have. What we can promise is that your ideas, opinions and feedback are extremely important to the growth of PSLS and every comment, no matter how absurd, can be taken into discussion about the future. So help shape the future of PlayStation LifeStyle today and let us know exactly what you want to see us become!

Ways to contact us:

The whole team: [email protected]

Seb and Dan: [email protected]

Seb Twitter: @SebMoss

Seb Email: [email protected]

Dan Twitter: @FoolsJoker

Dan Email: [email protected]

Chandler Twitter: @FinchStrife

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Jason Twitter: @Jasonad21

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