Ubi: AC3: Liberation Shifts 600,000 Copies, “We are Pretty Happy With This Figure”

We all know that the Vita isn’t exactly the best selling game playing device in the world, but Ubisoft have revealed that they’re “pretty happy” with how the Vita-exclusive Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation has performed.

During an investor conference, Ubisoft’s chief financial officer Alain Martinez said:

Regarding the Vita, what I can say is last year… we reduced the number of launches, but actually, we did pretty well on Assassin’s Creed PS Vita. We are close to 600,000 units, so it’s a good achievement, we are pretty happy with this figure. So, I wouldn’t discount the PS Vita. If you have the right product, the right quality, it might work.

It’s unclear if that figure is shipped to retailers or sold to customers, but we’ve reached out to Ubisoft to check (update: yup, it’s shipped). What is clear, however, is that the game could have sold even better with more advertising and a release date that was slightly before the main Assassin’s Creed 3 console title.

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