PlayStation All-Stars Patch 1.07 is Live, Includes Minions

To get your game compatible with Kat, Emmett, and the ‘Fearless’ stage that are set to be added as DLC when the PlayStation Store updates later today, PlayStation All-Stars will require that you download patch 1.07. Running 549 MB on the PS3 and 825 MB on the Vita, the patch is mostly the expected compatibility updates for the additional content. There is, however, an interesting note regarding 18 additional minions that are available for purchase and two free unlockable minions. Check out the full patch notes below (Thanks Jason!).

Patch 1.07

New Characters!

  • Kat from Gravity Rush.
  • Emmett Graves from Starhawk.

New Levels!

  • Fearless, based on Heavenly Sword and Wipeout.
  • The Rivalry level is now selectable.

New Minions!

  • 18 downloadable minions are now available for purchase.
  • Two free unlockable minions are now available.
  1. Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank.
  2. Curtis the Panda from Carnival Island.
  • Kat and Emmett are available for free for a limited time.
  • Fearless is free-to-play online only; You must purchase for offline play.

There has been no word on how much the additional minions will cost, though after needing to buy a whole new memory card just for the Vita update, I don’t think that big-headed cheerleader versions of a game’s secondary characters are going to end up on my purchase list. If you manage to see how much minions are priced at before we can get to it, let us know at [email protected] Also don’t forget to at least add Kat and Emmett to your download list now so that you won’t have to pay for them later on.

Are you planning on buying any minions? What is your price limit on arbitrary eye-candy that does not change the gameplay in any way? Feel free to tell us your Vita memory card woes and pitch us your ideas for the best minions to have in the game in the comments.

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