Resident Evil 6 Now on Sale for $19.99 at Amazon (Update: Best Buy USA Selling it for $20 as Well)

Update: Best Buy is also selling Resident Evil 6 for $19.99 as part of their weekly flyer that runs until Saturday. Thanks ffboi7!

Original Story: Considering that Resident Evil 6 wasn’t well received by critics when it launched in October, the rather quick price drop to $39.99 last year wasn’t much of a shock. If you passed on it at $40 though, choosing to wait for the game to go even lower, Amazon is now selling Resident Evil 6 for just $19.99, $10 off their regular price of $29.99.

With some big patches arriving since release, adding certain features like the ability to play through Ada’s campaign right off the bat or offering QTE assist, Resident Evil 6 is a better experience than it was when it first came out. And if you’re a fan of DLC, there are a few pieces coming to the PS3 version shortly. Unfortunately, it’s still Resident Evil 6.

In case you didn’t want the latest in the Resident Evil franchise, Hitman: Absolution is $29.99 and Assassin’s Creed III is $39.99.

Are you going to pick up RE6 at this price? Do you recommend Resident Evil 6 at this price? Is no price good enough? Let us know in the comments below.