Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Trophy Guide

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is Sly and the gang’s first new outing on the PS3. Coming with Vita cross-buy/play, this trophy guide applies to both versions of the game (simply replace the PS3 controls with the Vita controls). The other great thing is that the games feature separate trophy lists, but when you use the cross-save feature, you will unlock all trophies that have been unlocked on that particular save. This means that if you platinum the entire game on the PS3 and then cross-save to the Vita, you will earn an instant platinum on the Vita version as well. It’s two plats for the price of one!

Mask and Stripes Forever –Platinum

-Collect every bronze, silver, and gold trophy.

Collect every other trophy in the game to unlock the platinum trophy.

Family Matters –Bronze

-Rescue Sly’s long lost Cooper relative in Episode 1.

*Story Related. This will unlock upon freeing Rioichi Cooper.

Low Calorie Sushi –Bronze

-Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 1.

*Story Related. This will unlock upon defeating El Jefe.

Play It Safe –Bronze

-Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 1.

Collect all 30 bottles in Episode 1 and unlock the safe. This will give you the Gold Magnet item that will increase the range at which your characters pick up gold coins.

Gunslinger –Bronze

-Reunite with Sly’s long lost Cooper relative in Episode 2.

*Story Related. As soon as you are thrown in prison with Tennessee Kid Cooper this trophy will unlock.

Dust Bunnies –Bronze

-Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 2.

*Story Related. This will unlock upon defeating Toothpick.

Put It In Your 401K –Bronze

-Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 2.

Collect all 30 bottles in Episode 2 and unlock the safe. This will give you Mugshot’s Coin, which increases loot drops (meaning you’ll see a lot more coins).

Bigfoot For Real –Bronze

-Track down Sly’s long lost Cooper relative in Episode 3.

*Story Related. This will unlock when you see Bob trapped under the net.

Bearcicle –Bronze

-Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 3.

*Story Related. This will unlock after Murray defeats Grizz on the ice rink.

Savings Account –Bronze

-Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 3.

Collect all 30 bottles in Episode 3 and unlock the safe. This will grant you the Clockwerk Eye, which will enable you to see the locations of all bottles and safes on your map and in your Binocucom.

Boom Stick –Bronze

-Introduce Sly to his long lost Cooper relative in Episode 4.

*Story Related. This will unlock when you reach Sir Galleth Cooper in the circus tent.

I Believe the Time Is Now –Bronze

-Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 4.

*Story Related. This will unlock when you defeat the second form of The Black Knight using Bentley.

Zenny, Gil, or Just Loot –Bronze

-Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 4.

Collect all 30 bottles in Episode 4 and unlock the safe. This will grant you Sir Raleigh’s Frog Hat, which will prevent damage when you enter the water.

I Need A Mouse Trap –Bronze

-Meet up with an old adversary.

*Story Related. This will unlock at the end of the blacksmith shop area when you find out the identity of The Black Knight.

Keep Your Turban On –Bronze

-Make friends with Sly’s long lost Cooper relative in Episode 5.

*Story Related. This will unlock when you encounter Salim Al-Kupar on the boat.

Home Sick –Bronze

-Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 5.

*Story Related. This will unlock when you defeat Miss Decibel.

Check Please –Bronze

-Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 5.

Collect all 30 bottles in Episode 5 and unlock the safe. This will grant you the Guru’s Staff Piece, which reduces all damage by 50%.

Online Shopping –Bronze

-Make your first purchase on ThiefNet.

As soon as you get to the hideout in episode 1, press Triangle to visit TheifNet. If you have enough coins, you should be able to purchase the paraglider and get this trophy.

Sparrow Approves –Bronze

-Use the compass many times to navigate.

If you press the L3 button it will activate your compass. You need to do this 500 times for this trophy. I recommend going through the game first using your compass as often as possible. At the end of the game if you still do not have this trophy, just click L3 over and over until the trophy pops.

Wardrobe Malfunction –Bronze

-Unlock your first change of clothing.

*Story Related. This will unlock when you get the Samurai Armor in episode 1.

Costume Party –Silver

-Obtain every costume in the game.

*Story Related. This will unlock when you get the Thief Costume in episode 5.

Cooper Calling Card –Bronze

-Collect your first hidden Sly mask.

Sly masks are hidden throughout the game. The earliest opportunity to collect one is in the prologue as Sly, but you will likely get this at some point just playing through the game.

Oh Look It’s Shiny –Bronze

-Pickpocket 10 unique items.

See Hassan Would Be Proud for a full list of the unique items.

Child Of the 80’s –Bronze

-Beat the top high score of one hideout arcade.

See 8-bit Bentley Style and Arcade Operator. The arcade machines are located in each hideout (six in total). They can be unlocked by each of the 12 treasures in each episode, with the Paris machine unlocking once all treasures have been collected.

What’s Behind Door Number One? –Bronze

-Unlock a costume gate in any episode.

Costume gates are doors that you can only get through/to using the special abilities of the costumes. Treasure items that you must race back to the hideout are behind these gates. Unlock your first one and this trophy will unlock along with it.

Arcade Operator –Bronze

-Repair any arcade machine.

Collect all 12 of the treasures in each level to unlock the arcade machine for that episode.  Collecting all 60 treasures unlocks the final arcade machine in the Paris hideout. Here is the full list of treasures in each area:

Episode 1: Turning Japanese

Meditation Turtle

Jade Samurai Helmet

The Ninja Cookbook

Lucky Neko

Dragon Claw Statue

Gyro Slicer 2000

Jade Peach

Golden Lion Statue

Golden Teapot

Tales Of A Samurai Hippo Comic

Racoon Daruma

Samurai Warrior

Episode 2: Go West Young Raccoon

Street Sign

Bottle of Sasparilla

Branding Iron

Diamond Cactus

Temporal Flux Driver

Ten Gallon Hat

Golden Spike

Steer Horns

Bag of Cash

Tacky Tombstone

King Monkey Love

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon

Cave Painting

Lutrela Nivadensis (Daxter cameo!)

Mona Lita

Grizz’s Skates

Spiked Club

Grizz’s Lair Key

Stone Wheel

Sabretooth Skull

T-Rex Skull

Dino Egg

Ruby Crystal

Slytankhamen’s Vase

Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs

Brass Spyglass

Medieval Metal Man (Clank cameo!)

Silver Mug

Jeweled Shoe

Rolling Pin

Magic Potion

Golden Anvil

Stained Glass Compass

Archer’s Handbook

Coin Purse

Golden Arrow

Bell Tower

Episode 5: Forty Thieves

Marble Horse Head

Jewel Encrusted Silver Scimitar

Golden Magic Lamp

101 Ways to Cook Scorpion

Jeweled Pillow

Arabian Carpet

Bright Cane Polish

Miss Decibel Painting

Gold Cobra

Thief Treasure Chest

Puffin’s Cookie Jar

Le Paradox Portrait

Clockwerk Collector –Bronze

-Collect over 20 treasures.

See Arcade Operator. Collect any 20 of these treasures and this trophy will be yours.

Apollo Wins –Bronze

-Have the perfect workout during the Training Montage.

In episode 3 Bob will need to train with Murray. After completing the six individual games there will be an 80’s style training montage where you will play shorter version of each mini game. This trophy requires that you do not miss anything while playing the training montage (the individual games prior to the montage do not matter for this trophy). If you miss something (a red X appears over the penguins faces on the screen), restart the checkpoint to try again. Each time you will get random mini games in the montage, so you may find an easier combination of games if you retry.

Get To the Chopper –Bronze

-Don’t take any damage during Up In Smoke.

This is the mission in episode 5 when you take control of Bentley’s RC chopper. There will be three sections where you must drop smoke bombs and avoid the mines. Make sure that you use your boost to avoid the mines and don’t take any damage. If you do take any damage, restart the checkpoint. After the third section, the trophy will pop.

The Cooper Open –Bronze

-Have a 20 hit rally with Bentley in each hideout.

In each hideout,if you press R1 or L1 enough times you will find a ping-pong table. Play against Bentley and make sure to count at least 20 hits (10 each for Sly and Bentley). You can then lose the point and press circle to quit the ping-pong game. Do this in all six hideouts (Paris included) and the trophy will pop.

Cheers –Bronze

-Don’t miss a single glass of sarsaparilla in Saloon Bug.

In Episode 2 when Bentley is serving sasparilla in the bar, you need to make sure that you get all 30 drinks out without missing a single one. This isn’t very difficult to do, but if you do miss a drink (one of the drink icons in the lower right shows a red X), then pause and restart checkpoint to try again.

Navigate Like Drake –Bronze

-Take a look at every map in every episode.

This requires you to press select and view each named map in the game. Remember that each hideout has a map, so press select in the hideouts. A good rule of thumb to get this is to make sure that you press select after every loading screen or cutscene. This is a list of the areas that I checked the map in and managed to get the trophy, so keep in mind that you need to look at the maps in these areas. If you miss any, you can replay jobs to see the maps. Also make sure to note the last area in Episode 5. This is a secret area that you will not get through regular gameplay, whereas you will go through all of the other maps during the story.

Episode 1: Turning Japanese

The Hidden Shuriken (Hideout)

Main Fuedal Japan Map

Imperial Prison

Rioichi’s Sushi House

Sashimi Caverns

Madame Geisha House

Emperor’s Palace

Face to Face (Boss Battle against El Jefe)

Episode 2: Go West Young Raccoon

Hootenanny Clock Tower (Hideout)

Cotton Mouth Bluff (Main map area)

Saddle Sore Correctional Facility

Budd Stagg Caverns

Bar Dynamite

Cackling Jackalope Canyon

GoldDigger Express

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon

Iced Campsite (Hideout)

Gungathal Valley (Main Map Area)

Lair of the Bear

The Murray Games

Frostbite Peak

Cold Storage Caverns

Purple Paw Paint Factory

Ice Rink (Boss Battle against Grizz)

Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs

The Major Oak (Hideout)

Medieval England (Main Map Area)

Stirring Up Trouble- Tavern

Into the Fire- Bakery

A Total Fabrication- Shoemaker

The Amazing Cooperoni- Circus Tent

Belly of the Beast- Cavern

Bakery 2nd Floor (as Sir Galleth)

Assembly Line- Blacksmith

Mousetrap- Castle (Boss fight against The Black Knight)

Episode 5: Forty Thieves

Sneaky Snake Hideout (Hideout)

Ancient Arabia (Main Map Area)

Wise Monkey Lamps

Honest Hassan’s Carpets

Caverns Beneath Honest Hassan’s Carpets

Honest Hassan’s Carpets Tower

In A Jiffy Yellow Cab (Smugglers Cave)

Crabby Guy Paperbacks

*Lazy Trunk Spa and Lounge – This is a secret area. At the north end, when facing the palace, head to the right of the bridge leading into the palace before going up the stairs. There will be an area to crawl into in between a tree and some pillows. There is also a Sly mask in this area.

Hubba Hubba –Bronze

-Don’t miss a beat in the Carmelita dance game.

In Episode 5, Carmelita will need to dance to distract some guards. Make sure that you do this section perfectly to get the trophy. If you fail, restart the checkpoint. To make things easier, push the buttons in time with the beat of the music. It may take a few tries, but after the Cooper gang gets the door open, the trophy will be yours. You will know you are almost done when Salim comes to help open the door. You have one more bar after that small cutscene until the minigame is over.

Lunch Money –Bronze

-Slam 100 enemies with Murray.

The slam move is when you press circle to pick up an enemy and press triangle to slam them into the ground. You will get a lot of these just through regular gameplay as this is one of Murray’s best moves. If you don’t have it by the end of the game, replay the final job in Episode 2. At the beginning, when Murray needs to throw TNT at the locks on the van, just run around and let the rat enemies respawn infinitely. Use slam on each one until you get your trophy.

Unexpected Package –Bronze

-Place 60 bombs in enemy pockets with Bentley.

Once you acquire the sleep bombs from ThiefNet, select Bentley and find one of the large guards with a light in Japan (or any other episode, but the earliest you can do this is Japan). Make sure your sleep bombs are selected (hold L2) and approach the guard like you are going to pickpocket him. Instead, press Triangle and Bentley will place a sleep bomb in his pocket. Back up slightly and let the bomb go off. Repeat this 59 more times on that same sleeping guard and the trophy will be yours.

Waddle Waddle –Bronze

-Shoot 40 penguins with Carmelita.

In episode 3 you will find penguins around the level. They are not enemies, just small animals within the level. Use Carmelita and shoot 40 of these penguins to get the trophy. This does not need to be cumulative, so you can go to the level, shoot a few penguins, leave to do something else and each time will count towards your total.

Airborne –Bronze

-Paraglide for at least 10 seconds without using any geysers!

Requires the paraglider to be bought from ThiefNet. You don’t have to land to earn the trophy.  In Japan, go to the entrance of the large building on the North East side of the map. Get to the top of the flagpole that is on the left of the entrance (when facing the entrance, right one if you are at the entrance facing away). Face away from the building and then look slightly to your right. You should see a large chasm. Double jump and immediately press R1 to begin paragliding. Just go straight and paraglide down into that chasm. You should be airborne for 10 seconds and get the trophy.

Ancient Warfare 3 –Bronze

-Crackshot 10 enemies within 65 seconds.

You will need to select Tennessee Kid Cooper in episode 3 to get this one. Go tot he town area and wrangle up (going with the old west mood) about 5 or 6 enemies by letting them see you and running near other enemies. Once you have a group chasing you, turn around and hold R2 to do your crackshot ability. Target as many of the enemies as you can . This will eliminate about half of the number that you need, leaving you a full minute to run around the town area and clean up the remaining five crackshot kills that you need to get the trophy. It seems intimidating at first, but I was able to get this one on my first attempt.

Crazed Climber –Bronze

-Scale the dragon lair in under 90 seconds.

In episode 4 you will play a job as Sir Galleth in which you need to use his launch ability to scale a large structure leading to a battle with the mechanical dragon. Save your game at the bottom of the structure (right after going through the cave to get to it) so that you can reload if you do not get the trophy. You most likely will not get this on your first try, but once you get the mechanics of the tower it becomes incredibly easy to make it up in time. This will unlock when you reach the top platform with the dragon heads right in front of you.

Golden Arrow –Bronze

-Complete the archery minigame without hitting any friendly targets.

Another pretty easy one. In episode 4 you will have to play an archery minigame as sly. During this minigame take your time and make sure that you are not shooting any of the friendly targets that subtract points from your score. You can miss targets and let some of the targets get away, but as long as you do not shoot any friendly targets and complete the minigame, you will get this trophy. If you do shoot a friendly target, just restart the checkpoint.

Downgrade –Bronze

-Complete any Alter Ego without leveling up once.

Alter Ego is the hacking minigame in which Bentley is the buff turtle with guns. To get this trophy, simply play an entire hack minigame without collecting the yellow or orange ion bits to level up. Upon completing the hack you will get the trophy. This is easier than it sounds and you should do it on the first Alter Ego hacking game that you come across to make it extremely simple.

Radical Ninja –Bronze

-Stealth kill 15 enemies without alerting anyone.

This trophy description is slightly misleading. This does not mean 15 enemies in a row. You will just need to stealth kill (sneak up behind an enemy and press triangle then square) 15 enemies throughout the game. You can be seen by enemies in between kills and upon completing your 15th stealth kill you’ll be awarded the trophy. You should easily get this naturally while playing through the game.

PayDay –Silver

-Purchase every item in ThiefNet.

If you are purchasing every ability as they show up in ThiefNet, you should receive this near the end of episode 5. Make sure that you are collecting coins throughout the game as well as pickpocketing the enemies with glowing pockets. These enemies have unique treasures worth lots of coins (see Hassan Would Be Proud).

Hero Tech –Bronze

-Battle with a secret weapon.

This trophy requires you to collect either 50 or 60 Sly masks. In the unlockables menu, turn on the option for one of the alternate weapons (Ratchet and Clank and InFamous cameos!) that 50 or 60 masks unlocks and you will get this trophy.

Cloud City –Silver

-Defeat El Jefe on each tower without losing any health.

In the final job of episode 1, when Sly is battling El Jefe, you need to make sure that you do not take any damage. The catch is that you can use the restart checkpoint option and the battle provides you with multiple checkpoints throughout (about 3 or 4 if memory serves me right). If you take any damage at all during the battle and sections in between the towers, including falling, getting burnt, getting hit by fireballs, etc., make sure that you restart the checkpoint to have a chance at getting the trophy. It may take you a couple of tries, but his patterns are fairly easy to learn and deal with once you know what he’s going to do. Defeat him without taking damage and the trophy is yours.

Hassan Would Be Proud –Silver

-Pickpocket a full collection of every item in the game.

You will notice that some enemies in the game have pockets with a glow to them. These enemies have special unique items that are worth a lot of coins. There are three unique items in each level, with the rat enemies that appear at various intervals also having three items to pickpocket. There is no checklist in the game, so you will have to keep track of what items you have and don’t have.

Episode 1: Turning Japanese

Mahjong Tile

Ivory Chopsticks

Kabuki Mask

Episode 2: Go West Young Raccoon

Deputy Badge

Gold Nugget

Silver Belt Buckle

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon

Lava Rock Spearhead

Amber Fossil

Tribal Penguin Mask

Episode 4: Of Mice and Mechs

Platinum Gear

Pocket Watch

Emerald Dragon Eye

Episode 5: Forty Thieves

Scorpion Tail

Pearl Earring

Ruby Ring

Misc. from the rats:

Gas Grenade

Swiss Cheese

Tomato Juice Box

Quarter Cruncher –Silver

-Unlock all 6 arcade machines.

Collect all 12 of the treasures in each episode to unlock the arcade machine for that episode. There are no treasures in Paris.  Collecting all 60 treasures unlocks the final arcade machine in the Paris hideout. See Arcade Operator for a full list of treasures in each episode.

Mark Your Territory –Gold

-Collect all the hidden Sly masks.

There are 11 Sly masks in each episode, except for Paris which five total masks (one of them in each episode being inside the arcade machine’s mini game). The masks are scattered around each of the maps including a large amount of them being found within jobs in each episode. If you have a Vita and the game on  both systems, you can use the AR Treasures option to use the Vita as a sort of  “x-ray” to find the hidden items in each level. Collect all 60 masks and the trophy is yours.

8-Bit Bentley Style –Gold

-Beat every hideout arcade’s top high score.

To unlock the arcade machines, you will need to collect all of the treasures in each level. The games are the same as the hacking minigames that you have been playing throughout the game. You do not need to finish the levels. If you lose the level after your score is higher than the top score, it will still put you on the high score list. Some of the games may take a couple of tries, but by general rule of thumb, try to shoot everything and collect everything. You should be able to get these after a few tries on each one. High score each of the six arcade machines and you’ll have a nice new gold trophy.

Final Chapter? –Gold

-Complete every job and beat every boss in all the episodes.

*Story Related. This will unlock when you defeat Le Paradox at the end of the epilogue.

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