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Alleged PS4 Controller Image Surfaces, Looks Terrible, Probably Fake

An image claiming to be that of the DualShock 4 for PS4 has found its way online, ahead of the next gen console’s announcement next week.

The image, posted without source by Dtoid, shows a controller that includes the rumored front touchpad, what looks like a speaker grille, fatter handles and a glowing top that’s presumably there for motion controls.

Points towards its veracity:

  • It’s a fully fledged controller rather than a drawing
  • It matches some previous rumors
  • Previous devkit controllers have looked more rubbery

Points against its veracity:

  • Unknown source
  • Move light is in a stupid place, would only be seen by the PSEye front-on
  • Front touchpad looks unusually glossy, unlike the PS Vita rear touchpad it supposedly mimics
  • Look at it. Eww.

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